You’ve found the “Super Secret” page and won yourself One Free Task!

Just let us know one of your to-do’s you’ve been dreading (or just procrastinating on)by filling in the form below.

We will then let you know what we’ll need to be able to complete it or, if we can’t reasonably take care of it, we’ll send info on how to efficiently take care of it yourself.

If we can’t do it, we will let you send us another free task (not through this form) so, you won’t lose out on a freebie if your 1st task isn’t eligible.

*some small notes:

  1. We won’t do your job for you
  2. We will not research or work on projects involving illegal items or weapons
  3. This is for smaller tasks that should not take more than 1 hr
  4. If you’re not sure if your task qualifies, fill out the form anyway and we’ll let you know but, you’ll get another chance