Sound Familiar?

"I need another 'me' but, where do I find someone like that?"

"My biz will never grow if I can't get my shit together"

"Ugh, my finances are a mess!"

"Did I pay/send that invoice"

"Where do I start?"

"I have so much to do"

I don't know about you, but I have the same inner dialogue as our faceless friend above.
I've spent years fighting (and losing) against my 'Inner Rebellious Teenager™' That's what I always called my messy brain & all it's fun "quirks".

And one thing I'm sure we can all agree on...

They're a Pain in the Ass!

I have spent my entire life feeling like an "underachiever" or "lazy" because I could NOT get my shit together. I would make some good progress, adulting and all, and then I'd decide to change jobs, move or change my hair color. I always needed to shake things up or I would get bored fast.

I knew I was smart and that I could accomplish amazing things if I could just get my brain to cooperate with my ambition. The thing is, my brain was over here saying "nopedy, nope, nope".

Even designing this website took me way longer than it should have (*ahem* web designer in a previous life *ahem*) because I wanted it to be 'perfect' but my brain would not cooperate.

Over my many years in business, I have had to come up with tricks to work with my IRT™ rather than against the finicky bitch.

Those tricks could be anything from a "prize" for getting something done or setting up a new software/app to help automate the "thing" I keep forgetting to do.

Everyone has their own version of an IRT™ (I named mine BRAT) so, what works for me, may not work for you and what works for me often, may only work for you for a short time.

Listen... I'm a fixer.

I love finding ways to save solopreneurs time, money & stress even if it's just a second, a dollar or 5 minutes of peaceful silence because, all those little things add up.



Let's tame your IRT and turn it into your SUPERPOWER!

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How does this work?

Step 1


You take some time to document everything you do in your business: daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly.
(Don't worry, I'll help fill in the blanks)

Step 2


We work together to sort through
& organize all of those tasks.
Then we combine, automate, systemize or eliminate as needed.

Step 3


Once processes are in place, you can go about your day in your
"Magnificence Zone" 
and have more time to enjoy life.

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