Here’s the quick rundown of how this all works:

  1. You will sign a contract with me for my services so we are both protected
  2. You will be set-up with a custom email address for tasks as well as a link to my Appointment Scheduler to schedule calls with me anytime.
  3. I’ll provide you with a list of suggested tasks based on what we discussed during your consultation.
  4. Email your tasks to your personal Magnifassist email address (provide as much detail as possible)
  5. I receive the ‘bat signal’ and get started within 24 hours.
  6. I’ll respond with any questions I may need answered to best complete your task
  7. I’ll keep trying till I have completed the task to the best of my ability
  8. I let you know you are all set and Close out the task
  9. You can provide feedback on the completed task or send more to-do’s!

Which Subscription level is best for me?

  1. Launch Package- 20 Hrs/month: Just enough hours to take the most irritating tasks off your list each month
  2. Standard Package- 40 Hrs/month: Double the hours to handle double to To-Do’s along with larger tasks & projects.
  3. Deluxe Package- 75 Hrs/month: High-Level support for the busiest households and you can share your hours with 1 household member.
  4. VIP – up to 160hrs/month: Top-Level, Full-Time coverage for all your to-do’s as they come up. We customize this package to your needs so we are sure we can provide the coverage you require. *
    • *I only take one VIP client at a time.

What types of task can we do?

See some example tasks here

It’ll be much easier to tell you what we won’t do:

  1. Larger projects: these are accepted at my discretion and could incur additional costs
    • VIP Clients are allowed to send us larger personal tasks
  2. We will not research or work on projects involving illegal items or weapons
  3. We will not do your job for you.
    • VIP Clients are allowed to request small business tasks

Cancellation/Refund policies

  1. You may cancel the service at any time but your subscription will continue until the end of your subscription period.
    • Example: You paid $800 for 1 month on Feb 1st, you cancel on Feb 15th, you can continue to use our service until the last day of the month (the end of your subscription)
  2. No refunds. No exceptions!
  3. I do not refund or prorate charges for unused time.
  4. I do not “roll-over” unused time except on a case-by-case basis.


  1. I LOVE word-of-mouth advertising! I do not advertise online, I only accept referrals and people I personally have met/know.
  2. If you send a referral my way and they stay with me for 3 months, I will provide a $50 discount on your monthly charge as long as they are a client !
    • Example: Send me 5 clients who stay, and pay, for 3 months each, you get $250 in discounts each month
    • The only limit in #of referrals I will accept is my capacity to fit more clients into my schedule.

If you’re ready to get started, Get in touch!