We know this is a new concept to a lot of people so, here’s the quick rundown of how this all works:

  1. You email us your task(s) at our private email address (provide as much detail as possible)
  2. We receive the ‘bat signal’ and get started within 24 hours (within 12 if your VIP!)
  3. We will respond with any questions we may need answered to best complete your task
  4. We will keep trying till we have completed the task to the best of our ability
  5. We let you know you are all set and Close out the task
  6. You can provide feedback on the completed task or send us more to-do’s!

Which Subscription level is best for me?

  1. Basic Monthly: This is for the person who maybe doesn’t have as much to tackle each month and doesn’t want to commit to a full year.
  2. Basic Yearly: This is for the busy person who needs a bit more taken care of and would like the peace of mind of having us on-call all year
  3. VIP Yearly: You’ve got a LOT to take care of and you want to be able to submit tasks for a family member or your small business. Plus! you get to text your time sensitive tasks directly to us.
  4. Al a Carte: This option is for the person who just needs a little bit of help once in awhile. You pay on a per-task basis at a rate of $2.50 per task.
    • You submit your task list to us by email and we will respond with a payment link with the total amount based on the number of tasks we assess are required for completion.
    • We offer a discounted rate for multiple tasks on a case-by-case basis

What types of task can we do?

See some example tasks here

It’ll be much easier to tell you what we won’t do:

  1. We won’t do anything that appears to be us doing your job for you. We are happy to help you research something for a work project but, within reason and at our discretion
    • VIP’s are allowd to send us tasks for their small biz but again, within reason. We have an Experienced Virtual Assistant we can highly recommend for larger biz tasks & projects!
  2. We cannot medical complete tasks for anything that violates HIPPA or requires we be added as an authorized delegate.
    We CAN research providers, set Dr appointments for you & request records be emailed/faxed between Medical facilities (if the Dr/facilities allow it)
  3. We will not research adult items, illegal items or weapons

Can you pick-up and deliver?

  1. We do not offer pick-up or deliver at this time but will announce it when we do
  2. We do not allow items be delivered to us for you to pick-up

Cancellation/Refund policies

  1. You may cancel our service at any time but your subscription will continue until the end of your subscription period
    • Example: You paid $525 for 1 year on Feb 1st, you cancel on April 1st, you can continue to use our service until Jan 31st the following year (the end of your subscription)
  2. We will offer a small grace period refund within 2 days if you forget to cancel your 7 day trial. No exceptions!
  3. We do not refund or prorate charges for unused time/tasks