Doctor’s appointments, Kid’s camp, Restaurant reservations, Gift shopping, Meal planning, Grocery shopping, Finding a house cleaner, getting quotes for that home maintenance, planning your next vacation and so much more.

I can take it all off your plate!!

The nitty-gritty:

I offer monthly subscriptions of 20, 40 or 75 hours so you only pay for the help you really need.

I also offer a “VIP” package for those who need ‘all the help’ and don’t want to worry about running out of hours each month

We work together to set priorities and organize your to do list so we can both work efficiently.

I then ask a lot of questions to gather all the info needed to best assist you.

Select from the subscriptions below to get started.

Launch Package

Just enough hours to take the most irritating tasks

off your list each month


Deluxe Package

High-Level support for the busiest households and you can share your hours with 1 household member.